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Black Diamond - The Climbing and Skiing Brand

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Black Diamond is one of the oldest climbing companies in existence today. The company’s history dates back to the late 1950s, when Yvon Chouinard, who went on to found Patagonia later on, began hand-forging pitons and selling them from the trunk of his car in Yosemite Valley. The pitons were selling so well that Chouinard was climbing less and less, and soon the company Chouinard Equipment was born.  As Yvon wasn’t successful in making the company profitable and he was concentrating more on Patagonia he sold Chouinard Equipment to a group of former employees, and so Black Diamond Equipment was born. Today Black Diamond continues to be leading the world of climbing equipment innovation, and also produces world-class skis, poles, avalanche airbags and since 2015 also apparel. Based in Utah, United States, the company HQ is located close to the Wasatch Mountains, an ideal test ground for the various products Black Diamond designs and manufacturers nowadays.



A product Black Diamond is renowned for are their Camalot cams. A Camalot, or Cam which is short for camming device, is a spring-loaded camming devices which you place in a crack in the rock and then clip the rope into a carabiner, so that it can catch you if you fall. The Black Diamond Camalots were a small revolution when they came out, as they made placements much faster and easier, and especially ”cleaner”, then traditional pitons or nuts & hexes. ”Cleaner” means in this case that you don’t need to drill or hit something into the rock. Black Diamond has nowadays different ranges of Cams, and the Camalot C4 is the original range which has been updated several times.


The Products of Black Diamond


The product range of Black Diamond includes equipment for climbing, skiing and trailrunning. The label manufactures a wide variety of carabiners, climbing harnesses, climbing protection, chalk bags, safety devices, helmets, equipment for ice climbing such as ice axes, crampons, crash pads and everything that enthusiastic climbers need to pursue their passion. The company also designs very good skis, ski boots, bindings, gloves, ski poles and ski- and snowboarding clothing. To round off the mountain sports segment, Black Diamond also offers tents, Black Diamond headlamps, rucksacks and much more – which also are very popular amongst hikers and backpackers, and which you can find in our Black Diamond Outlet!


Two innovations from Black Diamond are the Jetforce Avalanche Airbag and the AvaLung system. The AvaLung System which allows avalanche victims to hold out longer with the available air. Fresh air is filtered out of the snow using the AvaLung system and exhaled CO2 is diverted away from the body via a second valve. The Jetforce Avalanche Airbag on the other hand is one of the most advanced Avalanche Airbags on the market, which deploys rapidly and can contract again after a set amount of time, creating a larger space around a person who got buried by an avalanche.


The Black Diamond team is made up of passionate climbers, skiers and athletes who know how functional equipment has to work. With the highest demands on function, quality and safety, all Black Diamond products are subjected to the strictest controls and tested for a long time before they end up in our hands. Renowned athletes like Joe Grant, Hazel Findlay, Nalle Hukkataival, Adam Ondra and Alex Honnold are part of the team and give valuable feedback and share their know-how, which results in functional and high-quality gear for skiers, runners and climbers.


On this and the following pages you can find the best Black Diamond Sales in our partner shops and buy selected items from Black Diamond at the lowest prices. Other high-quality and renowned brands in mountain sports are Patagonia, La Sportiva, Arc'teryx and Petzl.