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Patagonia is probably THE leading Brand in terms of environmental and social responsibility – while at the same time designing highly functional outdoor garments which convince with their high durability, smart features and their sustainable credentials. Here we have here the best Patagonia Deals for you which you can order right from your phone!


Patagonia – The Brand


Patagonia was founded in 1973 in Ventura, California by Yvon Chouinard, an enthusiastic climber and surfer. Yvon designed and forged carabiners and Nuts, which he sold to other climbers under the Chouinard name. He later sold the company, which is nowadays known as Black Diamond, and concentrated on making durable garments for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. This ventured started three years earlier in 1970, as Yvon bought Rugby Shirts on a climbing trip in Scotland, and sold them onwards in the USA to other climbers. These were so popular that a few years later he established the company Patagonia, which got it’s name from the region in Chile and Argentina. The Logo shows the famous Fitz Roy massive, which most recently the Patagonia Athlete Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll climbed alone in six days.



During his own outdoor pursuits Chouinard was so inspired by the beauty of nature, that he made the conscious decision to protect it from destruction and human interference. In pursuit of this goal, Yvon Chouinard, together with and Craig Mathews, established in 2002 the One Percent for the Planet organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. This money is used to support local environmental projects and NGOs, who try to solve and better local problems. Patagonia sees this as a way to protect the environments we need for our outdoor pursuits, and finding a way out of the climate crisis we currently are in.


This philosophy of the firm, to do good for nature, animals and humans, has garned them a wide Fanbase – who also love the absolutely fantastic garments the company makes, be it wetsuits for surfing, hardshells for climbing & skiing or trailrunning shorts and shirts. Making the best products possible, which last for a long time, are easy to repair and recycle goes hand-in-hand with their environmental goals. Since 1993 Patagonia for example only uses recycled PET bottles in the production of their Fleece garments, and since 1996 the company is using only organic cotton in the production of it’s shirts, trousers and sweaters. In 2007 they joined bluesign and so ensure transparency during production of their apparel and equipment, something which you also can check on their Footprint Chronicles website. The majority of Patagonia garments are also sewn in Fair Trade Certified facilities, which ensures the people making the gear are paid a fair wage for their work.


Finally, since 2014 Patagonia uses only down that is certified by the Global Traceable Down Standard, which means the down in a Patagonia garment can be traced from the parent farm to the final fiber processing facility, so that the birds that supply it are protected by the Advanced Global TDS (Traceable Down Standard), which Patagonia considers to be the strongest animal-welfare and consumer-assurance standard for the goose and duck down supply chain. This helps to ensure the birds that supply the down are not force-fed or live-plucked, which makes for a more ethical product.


Patagonia’s Product Lines


Patagonia does not only love the freedome of the mountains and sea but also the urban flair. That these opposites are getting along well is shown in the functional garments of the brand, which are equally at home on a walk with your dog or climbing a far-off summit in the Arctic. Besides a functional line of climbing and mounatineering garments Patagonia also makes Fleece Vests which are very popular amongst people of all walks of life, as are their line of Down Sweater and the Nano Puff Jackets. You can not go wrong with an Patagonia Jacket, especially their hardshells and trekking jackets are a great choice if you have to go out in the rain. Thanks to a DWR Treatment the fabric stays dry and breathable while keeping the rain & snow outside. These jackets offer great freedom of movement and depending on their intended use offer a host of useful details. For example their 3-in-1 Jackets offer two jackets for one: A toasty warm insulation jacket and a protective shell jacket which keeps wind and rain at bay. Zipped together they are ideal for winter, while on their own they work great for the rest of the year. If you’re living or play outside in cold environments, then take a look at the Down Jackets from Patagonia. These are very warm, lightweight and made from Global TDS-certified down.


In terms of design functionality and comfort are the #1 priorities. Patagonia offers their different garments in a wide variety of materials, from synthetic and merino baselayers over Fleece Jackets like the classic Better Sweater to hardshells made either from GORE-TEX fabric or Patagonia’s own 3-layer H2No Performance Standard technology. A versatile all-weather jacket is the Torrentshell Jacket, which is also available for kids, which is not only very breathable, but also abrasion-resistant.


Besides garments Patagonia also offers equipment like their popular Black Hole Duffels and backpacks for a range of outdoor sports, from climbing and skiing to Totes and daypacks. And if you are a Flyfisher or Surfer then you’ll be glad to know that you can get some amazing Waders and Wetsuits from Patagonia!


Obviously there’s a wide choice of Patagonia Apparel available for Women, Men and Kids. We show you the best Patagonia Deals, where you can find the gear you’re looking for and get the best Patagonia bargains.


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