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Save up to 30% on KUHL Shirts

If you're anything like us you want your garments do double-duty, and be both suitable for a relaxed day at the office and also for a hike. Enter the KUHL shirts like the modern Rejectr long-sleeve shirt or the more classic Kompakt Shirt which also works as a light jacket as it features a wax coating that will stand up to light rain! We found both of these durable shirts for 30% off at REI, along with a few similarly good looking and functional shirts. So don't wait any longer as Stock is limited, and get yourself a fantastic shirt which works on your urban adventures and hiking trips!

Save up to 45% on current Black Diamond Winter Apparel

This winter might be over for most of us, but that doesn't mean that you don't need warm winter clothes anymore - because as every Game of Thrones fan knows: Winter is Coming. In seven or eight months the land will again be covered by a white blanket of snow, ad you will be happy if you have a warm down garment then - something like the Approach Down Vest from Black Diamond for example. A mere 185 g light and filled with 800 Fill Power Goose Down, this vest keeps you toasty warm when it matters. It's currently 25% off - but with the code EXTRA20 you can save another 20% at Checkout, and the price comes down to just $119! Make sure to also check the other Black Diamond bargains we found while you are here - maybe you find a cool pair of skis or a great skiing pants!



25% off on all Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes

If you climb regularly and your climbing shoes can be re-soled, now is a good time to do so. For everyone else a new pair of shoes is the way forward, and we found the complete Black Diamond Momentum climbing shoe range discounted at Black Diamond and Backcountry with prices as low as $67 for a new pair - AND with the code EXTRA20 you can save another 20%!  Take the Momentum Vegan (also available as a Women's Model) for example, which comes with a neutral, flat last for vertical climbing and all-day comfort, a comfortable hemp footbed and 4.3 mm rubber which makes this a durable and long-lasting climbing shoes with great performance. Also the Lace Version and the Velcro Version come with the same all-day comfort and sticky rubber soles which help you to climb harder! If you need a new pair of climbing shoes make sure to browse our wide selection of the best deals, and find a new pair for those projects this summer!

Hiking Essentials: The Daypack

Water bottle, sit pad, stove, headlamp - we have covered a few Hiking Essentials already in our articles, and it's time to talk about the one who will carry it all: Your hiking daypack! Literally it is a backpack which fits all the gear you need for one day in the great outdoors, so besides the aforementioned gear also some food and spare garments. A good volume for a daypack is anything between 20 and 45 l - depending if you are hiking and carrying gear only for yourself, or if you also carry the gear for kids or a friend. The 27 l Volume of e.g. The North Face Borealis is ideal for one to two persons, and has all the features we would want from a daypack: Two spacious side pockets for our waterbottles, elastic bungee cords on the front which can  hold a jacket, an ergonomic and comfortable backpanel and shoulder straps, and internal organization possibilities. If you like a more classic look, then check out the Herschel Supply Little America with which you will look equally good on the trail and in the city. If you're at the other end of the spectrum and want that outdoorsy look, check out the great Gregory Signal 32L Backpack which we also found for 35% off! As you can see - it's not difficult to find a great hiking backpack which suits your needs! Make sure to browse our daypack category to find the best backpacks for the smallest prices!

Today's Deal: 35% off on the The North Face Back-To-Berkeley Low WP Hiking Boot

Is the urban-cool look of these The North Face Back-To-Berkeley Low WP Hiking Boots your kind of thing? It definitely is ours! We love a functional and comfortable sneaker which performs great on the trail, but does not look out of place when you got grocery shopping or meet friends for a coffee! The WinterGrip rubber outsole gives you traction on slippery surfaces, be it wet rocks next to the waterfall you hiked to or the wet roads in town. A comfortable EVA midsole cushions your stride day-in, day-out and the DryVent waterproof membrane ensures you don't get wet feet. Add in that cool sneaker look with the abrasion-resistant leather upper and it's clear that the Back-To-Berkeley Low WP Hiking Boot from The North Face is a great shoe - especially if you can save a whopping 35% on the recommended retail price!

Start Rock Climbing with this All-In-One Set from Black Diamond

During this pandemic a lot of us have been eager to stay fit and healthy, and climbing is arguably one of the best ways to do so. It exercises the body and mind, and is also a lot of fun! Climbing outdoors is currently the best way to enjoy this sport, and if you always have simply loaned your harness and gear at the gym now is the time to invest into your own climbing gear! The Momentum Package from Black Diamond is the ideal way to get everything you need to go rock climbing: BD's best-selling Momentum Harness with adjustable leg loops for a secure fit when you're climbing and belaying, the ATC-XP belay device and the Rocklock Screwgate locking carabiner so you can securely belay your partner while she leads the route, and also a Mojo chalk bag with White Gold chalk so you can keep your fingers dry when climbing your project! Usually this set costs $100 but we found it for 25% off at both Black Diamond and Backcountry! And if you need a new pair of climbing shoes, make sure to pick up the Momentum Climbing shoes at the same time as we also found them for 25% off! 

Hiking Essentials: Water Filters

If you want to carry less weight on your trips, an easy way is to take along less water and instead take a water treatment option along. One litre of water weighs 35.2 oz - imagine how nice it is to ditch that weight and just have a small and light filter - for example the MSR TrailShot Microfilter (which we found for 25% off!) which is a scant 5.4 oz! But there are plenty of great water filters available, from filters which clean your water while it hangs in a tree to super-fast-flowing Katadyn BeFree where you can just gulp down the fresh, clean and cold water straight from the bottle! Check out which discounted water filters we have found, and pick the one which best suits your needs!

And of course in areas where there's not a lot of water available - like in the dessert - you still should carry enough water along. A small & light water filter might be a good addition, though, when you come across a stream, to top up!

Hiking Essentials: Waterbottle

You're out hiking, biking or climbing, the sun is shining and it's over 100°F. You know what that means: You gonna be thiristy. Soon. Grab your waterbottle and drink! You don't have a waterbottle yet? No worries, we're here to help. 

Water is heavy - one litre water weighs 1 kg. That's why we think on longer trips it makes a lot of sense to use waterbottles which are as light as possible - something like the 2.1 oz light Vesica Collapible Bottle from CNOC Outdoors. You could carry two or three of these on long trips in hot weather, and be sure that you'll always have enough water with you. A problem with such bottles is that they let the content easily warm up (or freeze in winter), so if you prefer to drink your water cold (and we love cold water on a hot summer day!) then an insulated bottle makes a lot of sense. 

Very popular is the Hydro Flask 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Flex Cap 2.0 as it lets the contents maintain the temperature - so cold water stays cold in the summer, and hot coffee stays hot in the winter. 40 oz Volume is also a good size for normal hikes, and while the weight of 17.6 oz is a tad high, at least your water stays cool! Also the CamelBak Eddy water bottle or the MIZU 360 V7 do a great job of keeping your drinks cool in the summer and hot in the autumn and winter.

The best of both world is something like the CamelBak Podium Chill Insulated Water Bottle - a 3.5 oz light water bottle which keeps the content cold or warm for twice as long as a normal non-vacuum bottle. Cyclists near and far swear on these bottles, do they also fit easily into a bottle holder on the bike, and of course they also fit just as well into the side pockets of your hiking backpack

In that sense, browse the best deals on waterbottles right here and pick the one which suits your style and needs!

Hiking Essentials: The Stove

The Stove is the kind of hiking essential which you start to appreciate more and more when you're out with one. Sure, you could just carry a Vacuum Flask to transport hot water for a coffee or meal, but what if you need more hot water? That's when a lightweight and fast stove comes in very useful. While there's many different types of stoves - wood stoves, alcohol stoves, solid fuel stoves - it's the gas stove which reigns supreme in terms of ease of use, speed and reliability. Take the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 for example, a 2.6 oz light stove which boils one litre of water in less than four minutes. With the MSR Trail Mini Duo Cook Set (which is currently also 25% off!) you can boil water, rehydrate your noodles in the included bowl and everything also packs done into a small & neat package. Especially the ability to keep on boiling water is something which many a goup of hikers has found invalueable: Why head home when the sunset is soon, and you could enjoy it with a hot cup of tea in your hand instead of heading home to warm up? That's why we are big fans of carrying a stove on our hiking trips! If you prefer all-in-one kits, check out the great MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit which includes an anodized aluminum pot with a straining lid, two DeepDish bowls, two folding sporks and two double-wall insulated mugs which allow you to make coffee, cook pasta and eat in style! If you prefer fast & light systems, then you can't go wrong with the MSR WindBurner Stove System or the brand-new Jetboil Stash. Whichever gas stove you pick up, make sure to remember to pack a gas canister - otherwise the kitchen stays cold! 



Light in the Dark - Great Headlamps for Hiking

Even in the summer, when the sun sets late in th Northern Hemisphere, there's a tip you always get from experienced outdoor folks: Take a headlamp with you, just in case. The case being that you still might have miles to go till the carpark or camping ground, and dusk is shrouding the trail in darkness. A good headlamp doesn't weigh a lot nowadays, and with 250 Lumen or more you're able to illuminate the trail in front of you as far as your eyes can see. The Black Diamond Spot is curently 25% off at Backcountry which makes it a real steal. The Spot headlamp is waterproof so also rain & snow don't bother it, the red night-vision light lets you slip out of the tent in the middle of the night without bothering others, and with burn time of 25 h on the highest setting you might as well hike through the night! 

The Spot from Black Diamond is just one of many different Headlamps which you can find, but the important part is: Never go out without one - just in case!